Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide reliable, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly equipment, backed by robust service and support that both enhances operational performance and reduces fuel consumption and C02 emissions. For over 15 years EcoNord has manufactured and supplied electric bin lifters, providing a healthier, safer, cleaner and quieter environment for both operators and their communities.

EcoNord’s aim is to drive technology in waste collection to reduce fuel consumption, minimize environmental impact, maximize operator health and safety and create a better environment wherever the equipment is operated.
At EcoNord we envision a world in which waste collection automation supports a sustainable and environmentally friendly service. We want to accelerate the advent of a sustainable waste collection by bringing our electric bin lifters and software solutions to market. We seek to combine intelligence and ergonomic design to provide solutions that support sustainable growth and improve worker safety.
Our value keywords are environment, electricity, and quality.


We make environmental concerns a priority and seek to contribute to a cleaner world by minimizing emissions and other environmental impacts.


We believe that electricity is the best power source currently available and that its use promotes a more sustainable waste collection industry.


We put quality at the forefront when it comes to our products and support services, as this is one of the hallmarks that distinguishes EcoNord in the waste collection industry.