Why are so many hydraulic lifters replaced by EcoNord Electic Bin Lifters?

Our lifters build on four design principles: health, safety, environment and innovation!

EcoNord design INCLUDES

  • Smooth sliding lifting action, no need for dangerous crushing of trapping link arms folding together.
  • Continuous movement up and away, the containers are taken away from the operator and not pushed back into him when the container is lifted
  • Secure location. Each chair has a single start signal plus two confirmation signals that the container is located correctly on the lift. Containers do not fly off!
  • No hydraulic hoses or valves. Nothing to leak, nothing to burst, no expensive clear ups, nothing to go wrong

EcoNord design EXCLUDES

  • Trapping, Crushing and Pinch points
  • Burst hoses, leaking valves leaking hydraulic oil on the road
  • Noise generating parts
  • Damaged or lost containers
  • Injuries to operators
  • Harmful effect to the environment

What´s not to like? Order electric bin lifters for your fleet today!